Thursday, April 12, 2012


This was my first USMC service coat pickup many years ago. This jacket belong to a Marine who was a MP in Hawaii during his duration in the war. Very rare to find a Military Police related USMC uniform. This jacket is also unique as it has a missing IMAC patch, most likely a headquarters IMAC patch which I plan to restore to the jacket. Also planning to get the correct wide navy ribbon bar back and qualification badge on the jacket. Update 5/12: As you can see here on MIFG, many jackets have more than one Marines name stamped inside and this jacket was one such an example. There was a hand written name inside of a Marines name I couldn't really read. With trial an error I was finally able to figure out the name. Accordingly it is also IDed to a MP, this time one who was attached to the 5th Military Police Battalion on Saipan.

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