Wednesday, April 11, 2012

WWII USMCR 3rd Division CPL

This coat represents a vet who was a USMCR corporal who was in the 3rd Marine Division in WWII.He was on the Wounded In Action list but not sure what particular battle he was in as I have yet to receive his records. This jacket has the unique feature of only one chevron on the left sleeve to save in materials. This was done sometime in 1943-44 as by the end of the war The Marines went to both left and right sleeve. The Third Division patch is made of wool. Update: I finally received the records on this vet. He participated in the Battle of Bougainville and The 2nd Battle Of Guam where we was wounded the second day into the invasion. He was a cook in the Service and Supply Company and received a Purple Heart for his wounds.

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