Wednesday, April 25, 2012

WWII Korea HM2C Corpsman

Corpsman rates on Marine jackets are some of the most sought after uniforms in Militaria collecting. The is a great example of a Korea War era Corpsman jacket with a 2C rate on the sleeve.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

WWII USMC Corporal Ship's Detachment

I like this one, but it slipped through my fingers a few days ago. This is a WWII USMC Marine Ship's Detachment uniform with the classic seahorse patch on the sleeve. I've always loved these ship detachment jackets as the patch is seen worn on the Marines on the deck of the USS Missouri during the signing of the surrender of Japan in 1945 as well as they represent the traditional role of the Marine ship components on Navy ships.


Sometime a uniform comes along and shakes you up. This is one such uniform belonging to a Marine in the Fleet Marine Force FMF with the Amtrac LVT patch proudly sewed in place on the shoulder. One of my favorite FMF patch is the LVT related patch and this jacket seems to capture the spirit of the LVT corp. A beautiful jacket all around.

Monday, April 23, 2012

WWII Navy HA2c Corpsman USS Orion

This Hospital Apprentice 2c (HA2c) appeared on an online auction recent;y named to a Sailor who was stationed on the USS Orion (AS-18) submarine tender during 1943. Features include colorful embroidery with the Corpsman's name in the pants, the original wide ribbon bar and honorable discharge patch. Another beautiful Corpsman set! Courtesy of Shopmilitary a dealer on Ebay.

Korea War Sgt

This is a Korean War era Sgt's Vandegrift jacket. Interesting enough it was named to a Japanese American who fought in the Korea War. His name was inked in white paint in the interior.

Friday, April 20, 2012

WWII Forest Green Zipper Upgrade

Recently on US Militaria Forums a dealer sold these pair of WWII Forest Green pants with this unusual period zipper upgrade from the original button fly. As you can see it still has all the holes for the buttons with the zipper simply sewed in place. An unique pair of pants. Thank you Bob for letting me reproduce this image.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

WWII USN Ph2c Corpsman USS Rescue

Corpsman jumpers are more than welcomed here and here is a nice example named to a Pharmacist Mate 2C who was aboard the USS Rescue during the Battle of Okinawa. Jumper comes complete with a honorable discharge patch and a beautiful rate patch. A nice example of a WWII US Navy Corpsman Jumper.Update 5/12: It appears that this Corpsman was onetime attached to the 2nd Marine Division.

Monday, April 16, 2012

WWII USMC Corporal 4th Marine Division

It has been 4th Marine Division Mania here on Marines in Forest Green and this weekend was no different. This beautiful jacket was auctioned this weekend and looks like this marine was involved in all three 4th Division combat operations. Notice the star in the WWII Victory Medal something that was not official but found on many untouched ribbon racks from time to time.

Friday, April 13, 2012

WWII USMC Cpl 4th Marine Division

This jacket was from a recent online auction. A beautiful coat has no extra chevron on the right sleeve and the early leather belt. By the looks of the ribbons he was part of two combat battles. This jacket was named to a "Dorell" and "Dorrell" as written and stamped on the pants.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

WWII USMCR SGT 4th Marine Division

This WWII USMC 4th Marine Division service coat has two names IDed in the coat both whom are listed on the Wounded In Action list. One Marine has been identified as being wounded on the first day of the invasion and battle of Iwo Jima on February 19th 1945. Of what I have read of the other marine, he was also in the Battle of Iwo Jima but not sure that is where he was wounded at. One jacket with the incredible story of two marines.Update 5/12: More info on these two Marines names in this jacket. Marine "B" was wounded in March 1945 during the closing days of the Battle Of Iwo Jima. He was a BAR rifleman.Update 5/12 PartII: Received the records for Marine A and it turns out he received a Bronze Star with "V" device for Valor during the first day of action on Iwo Jima, the day he was wounded. He was awarded the BS in 1948 and he participated in all four battles of the 4th Marine Division: Roi Namur, Saipan, Tinian and Iwo Jima.

WWII USMC Corporal 6th Marine Division

I picked this jacket up online, it was missing its Marine Air Wing MAW and Corporal patch on the sleeves, I was able to ID this coat to a Marine who served in WWII. I have not sent for the records on this one yet as Marine Aviation is not my focus. This should have an interesting history when I do send for the records.Update 5/12: Upon looking at the rosters I see that he was in the 6th Marine Division in Okinawa and I don't see any info stating he was in the MAW. Most likely he was given a used coat when he received it.8/12 Update: I finally received the records on this and it is sadly a tragic story. He enlisted in early 44 and was transferred to the weapons company and participated in the battle of Okinawa with the 6th Division. Sadly he didn't hold up well in battle and was pulled off the line. He was eventually hospitalized in the states where he recovered from PTSD and discharged in 46. He later joined the Army in the 1950's and was part of the 101st Airborne Division.


This was my first USMC service coat pickup many years ago. This jacket belong to a Marine who was a MP in Hawaii during his duration in the war. Very rare to find a Military Police related USMC uniform. This jacket is also unique as it has a missing IMAC patch, most likely a headquarters IMAC patch which I plan to restore to the jacket. Also planning to get the correct wide navy ribbon bar back and qualification badge on the jacket. Update 5/12: As you can see here on MIFG, many jackets have more than one Marines name stamped inside and this jacket was one such an example. There was a hand written name inside of a Marines name I couldn't really read. With trial an error I was finally able to figure out the name. Accordingly it is also IDed to a MP, this time one who was attached to the 5th Military Police Battalion on Saipan.

WWII USMC Corporal 3rd Marine Division

Another unique coat, this marine was not a reservist but a USMC regular. This Marine had a long career and served all the way into the early 1980's. This must have been one of his earliest coats he was issued as the coat has some missing corporal chevrons and no shoulder sleeve insignia was ever sewed on the sleeve. This Marine was also wounded in action later in WWII but I am not sure what campaign he participated in. This jacket was manufactured by the Marine Quartermaster department in the 1940-41 fiscal year. Update 5/12: Received the causality card for this Marine and he was wounded in the 2nd Battle of Guam. he was in the Weapons Company, 3rd Marines, 3rd Marine Division.11/12 update: After a protracted wait on receiving the records for this Marine I finally received his records. He enlisted in 1941 and was involved in two Battles: the 2nd Battle of Guam and The Battle of Iwo Jima. I did not know this Marine was involved in the battle Of Iwo Jima and although I looked long and hard for a 3rd Division coat it looks like I had one all along. But it doesn't stop there, as he was involved at the Landing of Inchon and liberation of Seoul in 1950 and very much did all the major Battles during the Korean War. In the mid 1950's he became a Mustang and was commissioned an officer, first a lieutenant and finally retiring in 1961 as a Captain. In my book Inchon is one of biggest landings in USMC history and it is nice to be the caretaker of this uniform to a Marine who gave it his all. Semper Fi!

WWII & Korea War USMCR Captain 3rd Division

This coat belongs to a Marine who had an interesting history. Originally he was involved in the ROTC and Civilian Conservation Corp before the war and was in college when the war started. He went into officer candidate school where he was allowed to complete his college course. He went on to get his commission and served in China. He elected to stay in the Reserves and was called up for the Korean War. I'm still waiting on his records when he was an officer but I should be able to get them next year. He became a writer and professor after the war. Update 5/12: Discovered that this Marine was in the 2nd Battalion 9th Marines 3rd Marine Division. It's looking like he was maybe at Iwo Jima during the battle but still trying to get some other evidence to confirm.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Korea War USMC 2nd LT 1st Marine Division

I picked up this WWII USMC Officer jacket at a local swap meet. Sadly the name tag is almost washed out and the name is barely readable but with some help from other collectors I was able to get a good approximation of the Marine ID might be. It is in line to get the records of this particular Marine. Update 5/12: I was able to finally confirm the ID on this tunic. This 2nd Lt was in the 1st Marine Division and saw combat in the Korean War in 1952-53.

WWII USMCR 3rd Division CPL

This coat represents a vet who was a USMCR corporal who was in the 3rd Marine Division in WWII.He was on the Wounded In Action list but not sure what particular battle he was in as I have yet to receive his records. This jacket has the unique feature of only one chevron on the left sleeve to save in materials. This was done sometime in 1943-44 as by the end of the war The Marines went to both left and right sleeve. The Third Division patch is made of wool. Update: I finally received the records on this vet. He participated in the Battle of Bougainville and The 2nd Battle Of Guam where we was wounded the second day into the invasion. He was a cook in the Service and Supply Company and received a Purple Heart for his wounds.


This uniform belong to a woman who was the first woman from the Penobscot Nation to be in the USMC during WWII. This uniform spoke to me as it has a lot of unique features. First it was nice to see a "ruptured duck" honorable discharge badge on the front, something I don't see to often on women's uniforms. Second I liked that it still had the wide navy ribbons on the coat. Finally I like the unique trait that it has a ordnance badge on the lower cuff. A rare qualification badge not often found on male or female military uniforms. This uniform is the centerpiece of my WWII USMC collection and glad I will be able to share her service to people.