Tuesday, July 15, 2014

WWII USMC Marine Pulp Novel "Do Not Go Gentle" Guadalcanal

Another cool WWII USMC Pulp novel, this time called Do Not Go Gentle written by David MacCuish. Good enough for the New York Times to say it is one of the very best Marine Corps Novels. Love the covers to these books!

Monday, July 7, 2014

Iwo Jima: A History Through Uniforms Presentation Sunday July 13th

I will be conducting my Iwo Jima: A History Through Uniforms at the La Habra Library on Sunday July 13th. I will be displaying some of my Iwo Jima uniforms and discussing the history of the Battle. Hope to see you!

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Original 1945 produced Iwo Jima Flag Raising Photo

While hundreds of Flag Raising photos are sold and bought on eBay, this copy of the famous Joe Rosenthal photo dates from April 10th, around a month after the famous photo was taken. What makes it more interesting is the photo itself where all the Marines haven't been identified or misidentified in the wrong position in the flag raising photo. Truly an incredible and period copy of the famous photo.

WWII USMC Dress Blues Marine with Friend

Love the details as well of this photo, such as his shooting badges, pocketless Blues coat and white service hat cover. A step back in time!

Post WWII USMC Dress Blues Corporal

Another great Photo of a Marine in Dress blues, notice the wide ribbon rack which stopped being used by the late 50's. Since this Marine is wearing a four pocket enlisted dress blues, I would have to date this between 1947-49.

WWII Pharmacists Mate Corpsman Office Photo

There have just been a ton of great photos on Ebay lately, including this photo of three Pharmacists Mates in an office, one is IDed as Roy Williams. He looks like an older sailer.....make him a Chief already!