Tuesday, March 13, 2018

WWII Developing the Fire Team (1946 Marine Gazette Article)

A must read on the development of the Marine Fire Squad as used by the Marines post 1943. Every WWII reenactor group should know this information.

Friday, March 9, 2018

WWII Marine Low Quarter Shoes Service Dress Cordovan

Great reference photos of the difficult to locate USMC 1940s Low quarter shoes for use with the Winter Service uniform.

Monday, October 16, 2017

WWII Japanese Morale phamplet Booklet FMF USMC 1945 Japanese Battle Techniques

Having read many official pamphlets and booklets on the Japanese Army published during WWII, many tend to fall into the propaganda category in tone. So it was rather eyeopening when I acquired this booklet "Japanese Morale" which discussed the Japanese Army combat culture in a frank and honest way that truly educates. Japanese Morale was written in 1944 and published into a booklet in 1945 and made to passed around to Marines. I study Japanese culture outside of WWII and the writer truly captures Japanese culture in a plain sense and explains the "why" their combat culture without resorting to stereotypes and misinterpretation. The writer certainly had an educated insightful knowledge on the country of Japan and it's people that I don't normally see in pamphlets written during WWII. WWII PTO reenactors and living historians should definitely read this one to gain a better understanding of the Japanese Army in WWII.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

1930s Navy Corpsman Dress Whites Jumper 4th Marines China Marines

The tough part of being a collector is having to pick and choose what you want to collect then sticking with it. One finds out quickly that one can't collect everything and this auction was one of those times. I've been looking for a good 30's Dress white Navy jumper for awhile now, being a fan of The Sandpebbles and all. This beauty appeared and when I ran the name turned out to be a Corpsman stationed in China with the 4th Marines. It seriously doesn't get better than that, truly an end all be all uniform! But unfortunately the price was rightly a little stiff and the uniform is somewhat out of my collection focus, luckily a fried of mine exclusively collects Navy Corpsman items and quickly purchased it. Seriously one of the most beautiful Navy uniforms I have ever seen with a 1930s China Marine connection. It definitely went to a good home.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

WWII Navy USCG Jumper Rack Amphibious Forces

I haven't been posting most of this year due to other obligations but things are slowly getting back to normal. One project Ive been working on is getting all my uniforms IDed, tagged and racked. Here's a look at my Iwo Jima vets navy rack with a couple of Great War and Coast Guard uniforms added on. I'm really proud of the Iwo Vet Navy Collection I've been able to assemble uniforms covering sailors from Battleships, Destroyers, LCI's, Attack Transports APA, LST's etc. Without these brave sailors there would have been no assault landings at Iwo, Okinawa, Normandy etc. I believe a Marine or Army uniforms collection isn't complete without at least one uniform from a sailor who helped them with their landings. I plan to post these individually at a later date.

WWII Era USMC Marine Wallet Bill Fold

Awesome Marine specific personal item, a leather wallet with a prominent EGA on the front and Marines initials on the back. A fantastic item!

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

WWII Corpsman Navy MD USN Case, Pins, Scissors & Dressing Forceps

Here's something one doesn't see so often. Here is a complete Case, Pins, Scissors & Dressing Forceps. While these pouches are often found they are usually missing their contents or the wrong contents are included, this is the first complete one I have ever seen with its original contents. I'm not exactly sure what personnel were issued these but its nice to see what the original contents looked like.