Friday, August 28, 2015

WWII US Navy Higgins Boat Operator PhibsTraPac

Great full color photo cover of a Higgins Boat Operator and gear. From the PhibsTraPac Training Command Amphibious Forces Pacific Fleet" The Story of the Amphibious Trainee" book.

Japanese Toyo Made WWII USMC HBT Dungarees Utilities

While many reenactors might be familiar with WWII Marine Utilities manufactured by WWII Impressions, At The Front and SM Wholesale, WWII HBTS have always been popular with the vintage culture in Japan and more than a handful of makers in Japan have reproduced their own items for the Japanese Market. Here is a good example of one made by Toyo in Japan. At first look it appears that one might have found a unique field drawn uniform but just a quick look in the pocket says otherwise. While many of might be familiar with the US made items, its these Japanese items that seem to be unknown here in the USA. Always check those pockets for tags before drop the big cash. Toyo Enterprises
Here is another Buzz Rickson Toyo USMC HBTS Reproduction:

WWII USMC Ticonderoga pencil AD Thompson Machine Gun

I real great looking ad for Dixon Ticonderoga Pencils featuring a Marine with a Thompson Machine Gun. These period ads are a great source of info on what a particular everyday item looked like during WWII.