Thursday, April 12, 2012

WWII & Korea War USMCR Captain 3rd Division

This coat belongs to a Marine who had an interesting history. Originally he was involved in the ROTC and Civilian Conservation Corp before the war and was in college when the war started. He went into officer candidate school where he was allowed to complete his college course. He went on to get his commission and served in China. He elected to stay in the Reserves and was called up for the Korean War. I'm still waiting on his records when he was an officer but I should be able to get them next year. He became a writer and professor after the war. Update 5/12: Discovered that this Marine was in the 2nd Battalion 9th Marines 3rd Marine Division. It's looking like he was maybe at Iwo Jima during the battle but still trying to get some other evidence to confirm.

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