Thursday, April 12, 2012

WWII USMC Corporal 6th Marine Division

I picked this jacket up online, it was missing its Marine Air Wing MAW and Corporal patch on the sleeves, I was able to ID this coat to a Marine who served in WWII. I have not sent for the records on this one yet as Marine Aviation is not my focus. This should have an interesting history when I do send for the records.Update 5/12: Upon looking at the rosters I see that he was in the 6th Marine Division in Okinawa and I don't see any info stating he was in the MAW. Most likely he was given a used coat when he received it.8/12 Update: I finally received the records on this and it is sadly a tragic story. He enlisted in early 44 and was transferred to the weapons company and participated in the battle of Okinawa with the 6th Division. Sadly he didn't hold up well in battle and was pulled off the line. He was eventually hospitalized in the states where he recovered from PTSD and discharged in 46. He later joined the Army in the 1950's and was part of the 101st Airborne Division.

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