Monday, May 4, 2015

WWII USMC Navy Corpsman PhM2c 1st Marine Division/IMAC

About a year ago I picked up this forest green coat belonging to Navy Corpsman who started in the 1st Field Depot Supply Service IMAC 1st Amphibious Corps and later transferred to 2nd Battalion, 1st Marines 1st Marine Division in time for the Battle of Okinawa. It is a real interesting coat as the outline of his IMAC and 1st MarDiv patches can still be seen. The outline of his pharmacist rate patch can also be seen. The coat was later cycled out to another 1st MarDiv Marine which is the setup it has in this photo. Unfortunately it has been very difficult to pull his records as he has a very common name and his entries on the USMC rosters doesn't list his service number. Another detail that has been difficult for me to locate his a PhM2c Forest Green patch which I finally located last week. Although it is a Right Sleeve/rear facing crow, I am still going to use it until I can locate a correct facing crow. After many years of looking this is my first Corpsman Forest green coat. Looking forward to finally restore this coat back to its original Corpsman state.

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