Tuesday, May 5, 2015

WWII Navy MoMM1c Navy Blue Jumper D-Day Vet LST-380

Although Iwo Jima Navy vet uniforms appear somewhat regularly, it is D-Day Navy vet uniforms that are near impossible to locate. When I see them I usually purchase them but those opportunities rarely appear. Owning only three in my collection, and missing out on a forth, that comes out to happening across a D-Day uniform once a year since I started focusing on named uniforms. I was lucky a few years ago when a local antique store had a D-Day vet grouping from a Sailor who was on LST-380. Having the "MO" on his patch on a couple of his jumpers he was a most likely part of a Higgins boat crew during Overlord. This brave sailor stayed in the service until the 1960s so unfortunately I cannot get his complete records. While even Army D-Day uniforms are difficult to locate, I find locating Navy D-Day uniforms even more difficult. A wonderful jumper from a Navy D-Day hero. EDIT 6/9: I had a misconception of the MoMM rate and wanted to correct any misconceptions of the rate. I bought four jumpers from this sailor, only one white jumper had the MO rate. The purpose of the MO rate is a work on smaller engines on craft, such as Higgins boats and PT boats etc. Since he was on an LST more likely than not he was part of a Higgins boat crew. Most Higgins boats are piloted by Coxswain or Boatswain mates.

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