Wednesday, April 29, 2015

WWII USMC 16th Anti Aircraft Artillary Battalion Display

Jacob Field is a collector and a historian who's main focus of study is his grandfathers Marine unit in WWII: 16th Anti Aircraft Artillery Battalion, 3rd Marine Amphibious Corps IIIMAC. Evolved from the 16th Defense Battalion, this unit was used in a defensive roll during many Marine occupations. What I enjoy about Jacobs displays is his attention to getting the large and small details correct. Its also nice to see a more obscure, but important, Marine unit being showcased. Here's more information from Jacob himself: "My grandfather was a Radar Operator for the 16th Marine Anti-Aircraft Artillery Battalion on Okinawa. He survived numerous air raid attacks as well as Japanese paratrooper attacks. He enlisted in Sept 43 and was discharged Feb 46. He even instructed Army Dogs on the Radar on Hawaii while he was stationed there with the battalion." Thank you for your service Marine and thank you Jacob for keeping his service in WWII alive with your awesome displays.

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