Monday, September 28, 2015

J. Murray Inc. 1944 WWII NOS OD#7 M1 Helmet Chinstraps Replacements Part1

About a month ago J. Murray Inc. 1944, WWII M1 helmet restorers, announced that they found original WWII #07 Helmet Chinstraps for restorations. Having been working on my WWII Navy Helmet restoration I found last year I figured it would be a good opportunity to replace the missing chinstraps on the helmet. For those who restore WWII helmets its the most difficult item to locate for restorations. Having never used J. Murray before I figured this would be a great opportunity to get some work done through their services. It could be a little intimidating at first since there are a lot of fly by night and shady operators who take your helmet only for it to never be seen again. But through word of mouth and excellent reviews with many collectors and renovators and with J. Murray having some incredible hard to locate original parts I figured this was the time to get my helmet completed. After some discussion on with them on their Facebook page, I sent in the helmet and liner. A couple weeks later I received my helmet back and I was blown away with the quality of the restoration. Not only did I have original parts on the helmet but it was beautifully sewn on at a very reasonable price. Looking forward to getting some more projects finished through them.

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