Monday, September 28, 2015

J. Murray Inc. 1944 WWII M1 Helmet Liner Restoration Part2

The second item I sent to J. Murray to be refurbished was a dead look a like WWII M1 Euroclone helmet liner shell I found at a local surplus store. The cloth liner had already been taken out and it looked near exactly like a WWII M1 Helmet liner. I thought this would be a good liner to use for my reenactor/living history helmet. I sent along the liner shell and purchased a liner kit to install into the liner shell. A couple of weeks later I received my restored liner back and the cloth liner kit was beautifully assembled into the liner shell. I already had a leather headband and liner strap from ATF, so those were used instead of the J. Murray versions. Overall I am 100% satisfied with both projects that were sent to them and as stated before looking forward to completing more projects with them.


  1. Looks great, they do nice work and Josh is a good guy to do business with. I've purchased a few of his liner kits and installed them on beat up liners, a bit of work but fun to do.

  2. I agree Andy, they do a great job! My friend does it himself as well but I figured if I was sending in the helmet might as well get the liner done. Amazing work!