Monday, January 19, 2015

WWII-Viet Nam Navy Ship M1 Helmet Blue Painted 3rd Division Markings

Give me your tired and poor....yesterday I was out with my friend looking for Militaria and I was bemoaning the fact that I didn't own a WWII Navy painted M1 helmet in my collection. Roughly around 15 minutes I spotted the beauty on a dealer table. Upon closer inspection I realized it was front seam, swivel loop helmet produced by Schueter, the first one I have found in my collection. M1 helmets usually stayed with the ship at a particular station. Over time one will see these Navy ship helmets with numerous repaints due to being exposed to the elements at sea, this helmet helmet sporting at least seven repaints!! Since it had 50's-60's helmet straps on the helmet this helmet has been around aboard ship for a very long time, as you can see how salty it is in the photos. Incredibly underneath all those layers of paint, on the first layer is a very nice hand painted stencil stating "3rd Div, DeForest". Navy Ship main decks were divided in Divisions and this helmet was at the "3Rd Division" station aboard ship. I love salty helmets like this, I plan to do some minor preservation on this helmet otherwise this helmet will stay how it is, Salty and with a long story.

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