Wednesday, January 28, 2015

WWII BAR Leather Pouch Tool Modified with Hanger

One of those items I have been trying to locate is a WWII BAR Automatic Rifle Leather Tool Case modified with a hanger to attach to a cartridge or pistol belt. While the pouch is very common its finding a modified one with a hanger that has proven to be extremely difficult. Here is the one I picked up recently a BDR made in 1942. Talking with another collector it appears his was modified the exact same way with four rivets. a marine style hanger and the lighter shade of leather for the hanger attachment. A nice addition to the if I could only afford the Browning Automatic rifle...
Another of these cases appeared with the same construction method but modified with a paint reflecting its usage as a first aid case. Not sure if this was done postwar or not.

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