Thursday, September 5, 2013

WWII USMC Sgt. 2nd Armored Amphibious Battalion Iwo Jima

Here is a coat I picked up a few months ago but wanted to wait until I received his records before I posted it here on Marines in Forest Green. This is a coat I've been looking high and low for, to include it my Iwo Jima collection. This Marine belonged to the Company A 2nd Armored Amphibious Battalion, which covered the 4th Marine Division on Blue Beach II, the farthest right beach landing. The 2nd Armored Amphibious Battalion was outfitted with LVT(A)4, the turreted tank version of the famous amphibious tractor. These LVT's from the 2nd lead the landing craft LVT's to shore, essentially being the first Marines to land on Iwo preceding the assault troops of the 4th and 5th MarDiv. Many of the pictures you see of the LVT(A)4's on the first few hours of the invasion are from the 2nd Armored Amphibious Battalion. This Marine was the Amphibious Commander on one of these LVT's, with Iwo being his second landing after Saipan. He passed away in the mid 1970's and his incredible coat seemed to floating around over the years. What is so great about this coat is his incredible FMF-PAC Amtrac patch which are only worn by these brave Marines.

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