Thursday, July 18, 2013

WWII USMC 5th MarDiv Ribbon Bar Leu's Handicraft

I've been recently working on a restoration of a WWII USMC Khaki Officer coat from a Marine who was in the 13th Marines, 5th Marine Division and Iwo Jima vet. Although I usually build my own wide ribbon bars for my WWII USMC enlisted uniforms, my officer coats I prefer to have them professionally made for that sharp officer look. I discovered Leu's Handicraft, who are located in Taiwan, when some vets were discussing where they used to have their custom ribbon bars made when they were in the service. This company seemed to be everyones little secret and not only do they produce modern vintage bars but vintage ones as well. They are beautifully made and are extremely inexpensive to produce. Within two weeks I received this ribbon bar in the mail and was very impressed with the quality. Highly recommended! Leu's Handicraft's Website

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