Tuesday, July 16, 2013

1950's Marine Ernest L Kyles Photos Snapshots

From the same box of photos that I found the 5th Marine Division Cemetery photo at, here is a set of photographs I found of a Marine named Ernest L Kyles who served in the USMC from 1956 through at least the early 60's. One of the photographs has his name written on the back and I was able to cross check it against the USMC rosters. He served a few years at Camp Pendleton, CA which is what I believe these photos are from. These pictures document the crossover of uniforms from WWII to Viet Nam era. Notice that even at this late date P41s are still being worn along side the Gomer Pyle HBT and Sateen style shirts. I also love the Jackets with the EGA stenciled on them. Another great detail is the 50's boots with the fast lacing for the top eyelets. Finally I like the last picture with his Alphas Service Greens on, I would love to identify the building in the background. Overall a wonderful snapshot of a 1950's Marine. Thank you for your service Ernest Kyles!

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