Tuesday, February 5, 2013

WWII M1 Helmet Shell Swap Meet Purchases

I just haven't got lucky with finding WWII M1 helmets at swaps meets and flea Markets in recent times. The last one I found was in the 90's so it has been awhile. Low and behold in one morning a few weeks ago I found two front seam helmets within 20 minutes of each other. Both are McCord swivel loop M1 helmet shells. The one on the left is a Viet Nam era reissue with the ball latch chin strap. It is in great condition and repaint color has a nice patina to it. Overall the helmet looks great! The second helmet needs some TLC. The front brim was bent up and some strange chin straps were attached. It had been repainted at least 4 times (Green, Black, bright Blue, Forest Green) with "US Navy" painted on the front. Doesn't look original more like a theatre prop used in different productions. I am going to attach some repro straps and put a USMC WWII camo cover on it as a public display helmet as I rather keep my original at home. Two wonderful WWII Helmet shells at a great price.

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