Thursday, February 28, 2013

Post WWII Air Force Technical Sgt. Transitional OD

While I generally collect only Iwo Jima related items, I also collect items from local vets, jackets that I find in local antique stores. This is one such jacket, this amazing transitional Army Air Corps to Air Force Ike jacket with Technical Sergeant ranks on both sleeves. I was able to trace this jacket to an amazing three war vet who served in WWII, Korea and the Viet Nam war retiring in 1966. In WWII he was an aerial gunner on a B-24 serving in the PTO and later became a ground crew chief. Unlike the USN/USMC records in St Louis, Most all the Air Corps records burned up in the records fire which makes it more difficult to locate the histories of these great airmen of WWII. I will update when I get more info. 5/13 update: I did get partial records back from this airmen and although I wasn't able to get everything, i did get the citation to his Soldiers Medal ( which was way unexpected!) Soldier's Medal Citation For distinguishing themselves by heroism on 30 September 1945 at *** India, when a C-87 type aircraft crashed into the Air Corp Supply Warehouse, 1330th AAF Base Unit, India China Division, Air Transport Command. With Complete disregard for their own safety and in spite of the possibility of fire and the explosion of gas fumes, they voluntarily assisted in the rescue of the entire crew of the aircraft who were physically unable to help themselves out of the wreckage due to the force of the impact. When all the survivors had been removed, they continued to probe the wreckage of both the plane and the warehouse for any other personal who might have been injured. Their heroic actions on this occasion were such as to reflect much credit on themselves and the Army Air Forces of the United States.

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