Tuesday, November 13, 2012

WWII USN Corpsman PhM2c 5th Marine Division

While Amphibious/Mine Sweeper/CB's patched US Navy jumpers are relatively common it is the USMC Division patch Navy jumpers from Bluejackets that were attached to Marine Divisions that I believe the most difficult WWII Navy jumpers to locate. This is another jumper from the Anonymous Collection I posted a few weeks ago. This incredible jumper was from a Sailor who was attached to the 5th Marine Division and according to the collector who owns it participated in the Battle Of Iwo Jima. While legit 5th Marine Division coats are rare to begin with, a 5th Marine Division patched Jumper is exceptionally rare. This is "Thee"centerpeice of an Iwo Jima 5th Marine Division display.

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