Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Hitting up a local vintage clothing shop I just happened upon this beautiful WWII Yeoman 2nd Class WAVES uniform jacket. As I didn't have one in my collection it was great to finally pick one up. First off I was impressed that it still had all its collar patches, Navy Rate and the Honorable Discharge patch in Navy Blue was still over the right pocket. I added the wide ribbons rack from my spares with what I believe she might have had when she left the service. Better yet was it still had the name tag of the Woman Sailor stitched in the jacket. It appears she enlisted in 1943 at the age of 23 and passed away in 2006 and had no next kin. How it ended up here In LA I do not know but I am glad it is part of my collection as it will be well taken care of. I plan to send for her military records soon and I hope to update you with her career. Our Women vets shall not be forgotten.

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