Wednesday, June 13, 2012

WWII USMC Frazer's Solution Bottle M2 Jungle Pouch

Who is Mr. Frazer and why do WWII Marine Corp collectors obsess about his foot solution Bottle for athletes foot? The Frazer's Bottle is the most difficult component to locate to complete the WWII M2 Jungle First Aid Pouch, they are rarely found loose and complete M2 with the bottle can easily fetch over $125.00. The Chase Chemical is quite appropriate as it appears collectors are always trying to chase down one of these bottles. I have had been assembling an M2 pouch for years now and I was finally able to locate a used bottle for my Iwo Jima display. Buyers beware as there are repo/fakes out there that people are passing off as originals using old medicine bottle. How do you tell the difference? It should have a small hole in the opening that makes it difficult to refill.


  1. I happen to own 2 of these, 1945 bottles look a little different from this one. Found from my granddads post war a med kit. Can you tell how much they sell for?

    1. I bought the one above for around $40 around four years ago. I'm sure they could go for a little more as its the most difficult item to locate for the M2 pouch and Marine items are popular to collect right now. Thank You!