Wednesday, May 2, 2012

WWII USN Corpsman PhM 2C USS Darke

This was a fantastic Corpsman jumper that I missed out on in a big way. Named to a Jewish American vet who was on the USS Darke in late 1944. The USS Darke was one of the ships that landed the 5th Marine Division on Iwo Jima just a few months later. The roster of this ship lists this Corpsman as a participant of the Battle Of Iwo Jima. Simply a top Corpsman jumper and the winner got a treasure! Update: Due to some good turn of events I was able to purchase this Jumper for my Iwo Jima Collection.Update 6/12: I received the records to this Corpsman. he enlisted when he was 35 so he must have been the old guy on the ship. He also participated in the battle of Okinawa.

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