Tuesday, August 23, 2016

WWII USMC Manuals Marine Handbook / The Pack / The Word / Guidebook for Marines

The enlisted Marines of WWII used a few books as guides during the duration of the war. The first and most well known of these books is the Marines Handbook also known as the Red Book by collectors. A uniquely written book written as a question and answer book, it has a somewhat archaic feel even for the 1940s. When the M1941 Pack was issued in 1941 a supplement book was written and issued as the red book was written before the introduction of the M41 pack. Just over 10 pages it was to help Marines get familiar with the new pack system. The Word was released sometime in 43-44 and was an updated manual with a more contemporary and relevant feel throughout. A difficult book to find it is a must own for WWII USMC collectors and reenactors. Finally The Guidebook For Marines was released in 1946 and very much a good overview of all the techniques and gear used by the Marines during WWII. Updated versions of this book with different colored covers continued to be released all the way through the 1970s.

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