Thursday, March 10, 2016

WWII 1944 Proposed Corpsman Utilities Field Uniform

One of the most interesting research finds is this article found in a 1944 issue of the NavMed newsletter. The article was referenced in the 5th Medical Battalion Iwo Jima After Action report concerning the dislike for the Unit-3 bags and suggesting that this proposed Field Uniform for Hospital Corpsman. The Unit-3 bags were not well liked by Navy Corpsman with many complaints of their difficulty of finding items in the bag during emergencies. This uniform which never got past evaluations stage was proposed but never used. Instead of carrying bags, the Corpsman could fill his uniform with his various supplies using the various custom pockets throughout, resulting in a uniform that looks similar to the Parachutist Smock used by the Marines. What is interesting to note is the updated Corpsman Unit-3 Content list which is different from the Navy Medical Catalog list, and serves as an updated 1944 list for those who are putting together Corpsman impressions. The uniform was never put into service but this article serves as a "What If" if the war with Japan lasted into 1946.

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