Monday, June 15, 2015

Wileys Uniform Accessory Shop Custom WWII 1/2 Sized Marine/Navy Ribbons

Jason Foust, owner of Wileys Uniform Accessory Shop has recreated and reproduced the correctly sized USMC and Navy 1/2 sized uniform ribbons for uniform restorations. If you're not aware, during WWII the US Navy and Marines ribbons were sized differently than the 3/8 sized army Ribbons. If you restore uniforms like myself you soon realize it is difficult and cost prohibitive at times to recreate ribbons bars, as some 1/2 ribbons are difficult or near impossible to locate. Jason has taken the time to tool up and acquire original NOS WWII ribbon to recreate ribbons for a restored ribbon rack. Its amazing work he's producing. Jason was also one of the main purchasers of the Wosk hoard of WWII uniform items. Overall Jason is a great source to restore your uniform with not only newly reproduced 1/2 ribbons but NOS shoot badges, SSI Patches, Rank, Rates etc. You can visit his Fabcebook page here.

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