Wednesday, March 4, 2015

WWII Navy Corpsman Impression "5th Marine Division-Iwo Jima"

Recently I have been working on putting together a Navy Corpsman impression for public Living History events and WWII reenacting events. The goal is to put together camp display representing an aid station for the 1st Battalion, 28th Marines, 5th Marine Division at Iwo Jima. Due to the rarity or fragile condition of some of my original items I opted to use mostly reproduction items for my kit, with some original items mixed in. Below is the completed belt with gear that a Corpsman would have worn at Iwo Jima. Here is the list of items I picked up: Corpsman Bags (At The Front), Litter Straps (At The Front), Pistol Belt (Original), Suspenders (At The Front), WWI 1911 Pouch (Original), USMC 2nd Pattern Canteen Cover, left (WWII Impressions), M-2 Jungle Pouch (Original), USMC First Aid Pouch (WWII Impressions), KaBar (Original), Ka-Bar Sheath (What Price Glory), USMC 2nd Pattern Canteen Cover, right (At The Front), 1911 Holster (At The Front).
..and for the Bob Moolenbeek's of the world here is the PRIMARY SOURCE from the Iwo Jima after action reports that state Corpsman carried 1911's in combat at Iwo....

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