Monday, September 8, 2014

WWII USMC Corporal Uniform Jacket 5th Service Battalion, 5th Marine Division 2nd Marine Division

Here is a nice USMC Alpha Coat that came my way recently. It belonged to a Marine who was in the 5th Service Battalion who also served later at the tale end of the Korean War, getting out in 1953. Its fairly typical to find many 5th MarDiv vet coats with 2nd MarDiv SSI on the sleeve as the 2nd Mar Div became a mustering out Division for many 5th MarDiv vets after their division was disestablished. Other features include a nice bevo style rank patches which seem very common on 5th MarDiv going home coats in 1945-46. Since I haven't received his records yet, I am not sure if he was an Iwo Jima vet, but there are some rosters that suggest that he was there. Nice to own a coat from one of the support Battalions of the 5th Marine Division.

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