Wednesday, April 30, 2014

WWII Navy Blue Denim Dungarees Modified to Shorts

WWII Navy Dungarees are some of the most difficult WWII uniforms to acquire for a WWII collection. Not only do Militaria collectors have to contend with other collectors for these sought after items but also must compete against Demin and vintage clothing collectors. All three have deep pockets and these items often pass the $200+ mark. This set of WWII Navy demim pants are unique that they were cut down into shorts. I interviewed and Iwo Jima LCI vet and during the interview he mentioned that sailors regularly cut down their pants into shorts as it was very hot in the South Pacific and the being in the interior of the ship. Not sure when these were cut down into shorts but it was very nice to see a pair of these pants made into shorts as told to me by a Navy combat vet. An incredible and unique item for the WWII Collection.

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