Thursday, March 13, 2014

WWII USMC Marine Personal Ditty Bag Kit

Here is an example of an assembled WWII USMC ditty bag kit. The Griffin Wax was seen in a 1945 Leatherneck ad. The ditty bag itself is USMC HBT material. The two sewing kits are USMC, the bottom kit was given away by Coca-Cola to Marines while the top is IDed to a Marine and has Marine Buttons enclosed. Both handkecheifs came out of an USMC grouping. The Soap dishes and razor kits are the type that were given out or sold at PXs in WWII, with the Navy Soap Dish an item left over from WWI. The two folding photograph books contain pictures of Marines or their girlfriend/Wives. The brown photo book is embossed with the USMC logo.

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