Thursday, June 27, 2013

USMC 50's-60's Field Pack Layout Korea Viet Nam

This is a scan of the different field pack layouts and configurations from my Dad's Green Cover Marine Handbook he was issued in 1965. Many of the items are still similar to the WWII layout of the Marine Field pack.


  1. Pretty cool. I've got a copy of a 1958 "Guidebook for Marines" and a copy of "The Pack U.S. Marine Corps M1941" published in 1942 and although the gear and pack are different the junk on the bunk displayed here are nearly the same as the ones that are in the Guidebook I was issued at Parris Island in 1990

  2. Very cool, I just have this one and the 1940 book. I need to pick up the 50s version. Ill post the layout from the 40s book tomorrow. I believe the 50s book is closer to WWII marine than the 1940 book as the gear changed soon after it was published. Thanks!