Tuesday, March 19, 2013

WWII USMC Private 4th Marine Division

Here's an unusual one that was offered up to me recently. This is 4th Marine Div coat named to a Private with one four year service stripe. Upon looking at the rosters this is perfectly legit. Looks like this marine was a cook who bounced around from unit to unit until he ended up with the 4th and seems likely he was at Iwo Jima. And for all those concerned, it is good to know that he did indeed become a PFC by the end of the war. Looking forward to learning more about this marine.5/13 update received the records for the Marine, he enlisted in 1938 and his long steady list of court martial begin all the way up to his last year of service in 1946. He was a cook and Barber and only participated in one 4th Marine division campaign, Roi-Namur. The rest of his career just seemed to be him dealing with his troubles with the authority. I acquire uniforms like this from time to time and I realized that some people were not meant for the service. Regardless glad to remember his service.

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